"Books abound on Tuscany but what about Abruzzo? What I have surmised after living in Abruzzo is that this step-sister, although a well kept secret, is just as beautiful and just as full of Italian charm." - Anna Maria Baccellieri, 72, author

A personal and informative travel journal, Atavismo! follows Ann's epic journey from her former life in suburban New Jersey to her remote birthplace in the beautiful Abruzzo countryside - a place she had not been to since she was six months old!

Journey with Anna Maria as she discovers colorful confetti shops in Sulmona, a tartufo festival in Succiano, the town celebration of Feragosto, and grand festas in Goriano Valli. 

Experience authentic Italian culture as Ann finds herself cooking in the ancient church kitchen of a local monk, shopping at the local markets of San Demetrio and L'Aquila, seeing ricotta being made in a shepherd's shack, picking artichokes in her cousin's garden, buying food from the gourmet trucksters who delivered right to the front door, and living like an Italian in the village to which she was born.

Discover formerly unknown family stories like a village scandal in Anna's parents' family, and moving stories of unrequited love and wartime heroism. 

Enjoy the magical flavors of Italy for yourself with fabulous family recipes for chinghiale (wild boar), zucchini
flower fritters, carbonara, chicken cacciatore, milk of almond from the
times of Michelangelo, polenta on the board and many others.

Read Atavismo!, and be inspired to make your own epic journey!


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Atavismo! 2007